One of our fundamental objectives is to guarantee the client constant assistance even after installation of the system.
Infact, supply of a quality product and a maintenance service carried out with efficiency and skill is an essential requirement for satisfaction over time of the user.
It is for this reason that Elfer has a team of qualified and expert technicians who regularly monitor your lift in order to guarantee efficiency of operation and maximum safety for the user.
The vast experience matured over the years and the deeper knowledge of our systems also makes it possible for us to ensure you quick intervention, thanks to the constant availability of spare parts in our warehouses.

Human resources

Professionality and preparation of our personnel is our priority, since Elfer’s main mission is total client satisfaction, always guaranteeing prompt and quick solutions. For this reason our personnel is trained continuously to increase their level of preparation and keep them up to date.

Preventive and programmed maintenance

To ensure that your system is always in optimal condition we believe the best way is to plan a preventive maintenance programme which verifies the regular operation of all the devices and components and carries out cleaning and greasing of the parts.
Maintenance intervention is instead planned and registered by the company planning computer programme and managed by the person responsible for assistance planning.
Our technicians use a specific module which relates the checks and the necessary registrations for correct execution of the assistance intervention, as well as the obligatory adjustments foreseen for the safety parts.